Smart Energy

In an ever interconnected world, sometimes you have need for a portable power source. We have developed it and patented our MicroTurbine.

The MicroTurbine is an energy harvesting device that uses the wasted gas energy when this is throttled. The energy is captured by the MicroTurbine and converted into electric energy, directly available in situ.

It locally generates up to 30 Watt, exploiting existing pressure drops, thus recovering gas energy that would be otherwise totally wasted in the valve.

MicroTurbine’s Value

It is our solution to the energy distribution in remote areas

We have a continuous energy source, capable to feed telecontrol systems, remote terminal units(RTU), instruments and field actuators.

The continuous and larger availability of energy allows to implement advanced functions, e.g. real-time communication with SCADA control centers.

It is therefore an enabling technology for the power supply of smart gas grids and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

The microturbine can replace batteries or recharge them in areas where it would be otherwise impossible to recharge them, as the electric grid is not available. This avoids battery replacement cost and reduce cabling.

ATEX ZONE 1 certified


Key Benefits

  • Up to 50 W of electric power recovering gas energy when this is throttled, in areas where electricity is not available
  • No need to connect to electric grid
  • Continuous energy source
  • Plug & Play –easy installation and no maintenance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Rugged, no derating during life
  • Larger energy availability allows to implement advanced functions

  • Real-time communication with SCADA control centers
  • IoT Ready

  • Wide temperature range
  • Low risk of theft/vandalism (unlike solar panel)


The microturbine is environmentally

The microturbine is an environmentally friendly product:

  • No emissions
  • No C02 production
  • Low disposal cost

Power Produced

Power vs. supply pressure infographic

3 W

0.5 bar

10 W

1.0 bar

20 W

1.5 bar

30 W

1.8 bar

35 W

2.0 bar

Technical datasheets

Check out the technical data sheets of the MicroTurbine


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732493