Suitable both for use in remote areas and for retrofit of pre-existing systems.

An energy harvesting device that exploits the gas energy wasted during a throttling process.

A continuous off-grid energy source available on-site.

Technical Specifications

Up to 30W Pressure up to 2 bar
Fluids air, natural gas and other filtered and dry noncorrosive technical gases
Fixing on a support bracket
Voltage 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc with smart battery charger
Protections overspeed, overvoltage e overcurrent
Connectivity Modbus RTU – RS485
Temperature -20°C < Tamb < 60°C
Filtration filtered gas at 0.1 µm minimum
Tubing Ø inlet 10 mm, Ø discharge 10 mm
Fittings inlet G1/4’’, discharge G3/8”

Smart Battery Charger

Designed to synergically interface with the Microturbine, optimizing it, and smartly managing the output power.

It allows to charge both 12 V and 24 V lead-acid batteries, automatically sensing the voltage.

Equipped with a Modbus RTU – RS485 link that allows to read electrical parameters and perform diagnostics.

Technical Specifications

Rate voltage 12 Vdc o 24 Vdc
Max output current 2 A
Relay digital output 1
Protections overspeed, overvoltage and overcurrent
Connectivity Modbus RTU – RS485
Dimensions 142,3x110x53,3 mm
IP rating IP20
Mounting DIN rail
Temperature -20°C < Tamb < 60°C

The electronic board is in an enclosure to be installed in safe area inside a control panel.

EMC Directive EN 61000-6-2:2005 + /AC:2005
EN 61000-6-4:2007 +/A1:2011
FCC Federal Communications Commission
IC Industry Canada

Check out the Microturbine datasheet


The availability of a continuous energy source which supplies RTUs and sensors allows the implementation of advanced functions such as control, actuation and real-time communication with the SCADA control center.

These functions enable the optimal pressure management that is constantly maintained at a lower value in order to reduce gas leaks, improve network efficiency and minimize the impact on the environment.

Main Benefits